Corporate events, Team Building, Ministries, Schools, Celebrations

At Passkey Puzzles, our escape games on the go are perfect for a myriad of events. Not only do we provide mystery and puzzle games, but we also allow our customers to participate in our wide array of mobile escape games. Since we are mobile puzzles, we can service most businesses in the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding area.

A few of our most popular service areas include:

Corporate Events- Think of this as a new, interactive task for co-workers that uses wits, leadership and encouragement. Our puzzles require the ability to work together in solving clues. Let Passkey Puzzles come to your office for your next exciting adventure. Choose your puzzle experiences and play it in a comfortable environment , on your own schedule. This team building event is not physically taxing or time consuming, it merely allows team members to rely on one another and work diligently toward a fun goal.

Ministry- Related Events-Challenge your youth group, small group, “cell” group or worship leaders to try and crack the Passkey Puzzles’ codes. Passkey Puzzles have specific biblically-based themes that your group will love to play while learning more about Christ. Since we are on-the-go puzzles, we can accommodate your group whether it meets in a house, in a rural area or in a church. 

School Events- Teachers, Administrators, Counselors and Group Sponsors, grab a group of students and we will come to you for a fun, exciting event where the students can grow as leaders. Since we focus on team building and fun, our Passkey Puzzles are perfect for all ages!

At-home Celebrations- (birthdays, showers, anniversaries, family reunions, etc.)-Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary! Now what? Our Passkey Puzzles are the best way celebrate a special time, and we promise you, it will be an event everyone will remember for years to come. Your puzzle experience will be filled with laughter, intrigue and unforgettable, photo-ready moments. Since we are puzzles on the go, we can accommodate any group and location within our coverage area. You’ll be the talk of the family with Passkey Puzzles, 
Passkey Puzzles: Live interactive games…in your own space.